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Do you agree with the strategy to “Abandon Biden”?

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ِِEnglish Script:

Abby Philips: Do you agree with this strategy “Abandon Biden”?

Abdullah Hammoud: You know, for me, that question has to be put back to the candidate, to the president and Biden. You know, it’s on the candidate. It’s his responsibility to earn the trust and respect of the voters. I’ve run for office before. I’ve never pointed at the voters of my district and said, you’re at fault if I’m not elected. In fact, it’s me as the candidates, it’s President Biden as the candidate to put forward a policy platform that is receptive to all of Americans. What we’re asking for a cease fire is not something that only the majority of Arab-Americans and Muslim Americans support. In fact, over 60% of Americans support a cease fire. Over 80% of Democrats. And so for me, I would urge President Biden to heed the calls of Americans from coast to coast.

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