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Joe Rogan, an American commentator renowned for having one of the LARGEST podcasts globally, has pointed out the double standards by the West in defining genocide.

“Genocide is okay as long as we’re doing it,” Rogan clarifies during one of his recent podcasts.

Rogan, in an episode with comedian Kurt Metzger, goes on to speak about the Israeli origin story being one of escaping a genocide YET THEY COMMIT ONE THEMSELVES!

The world is waking up. More people are recognising the truth of the genocide!


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English Script:
Joe Rogan: Okay, I want to know what she was fired for, cause was it criticism of Israel? Was it, I mean, did she show that Edward Snowden video that he put up on twitter that shows them drone bombing those kids, that are, those men, I should say, unarmed people that were walking towards the rubble, that clearly weren’t causing any danger to anybody? Just bombed them.

Kurt Metzger: Yeah, no, it’s your duty. It’s just, like, for Biden or whoever you, like, you’re supposed to cover up for them.

Joe Rogan: But the whole thing is like they were always saying, they’re only targeting Hamas and everybody else is a casualty. Well, if those guys are just unarmed civilians and they’re walking alone, that’s what they appear to be.

Kurt Metzger: Dresden.

Joe Rogan: And you just blast them from the sky with robots.

Kurt Metzger: This is the tragedy of war.

Joe Rogan: Yeah. This is insane. And no one knows what to think now, because if you can’t talk about that, if you can’t say that’s real, then you’re saying that genocide is okay as long as we’re doing it. That is what we’re saying. And if you’re saying that from a perspective of someone who literally went through the Holocaust, or your people, your tribe went through the fucking Holocaust, and now you’re willing to do it?

Kurt Metzger: I hope the irony’s not lost on you.

Joe Rogan: It’s so nuts. It’s so hard to imagine that someone, where a culture, like a country, was, like, officially founded in, what, 47?

Kurt Metzger: 48.

Joe Rogan: 48? Okay, officially founded. So that’s so recent. And you guys are willing to do what was done to you that led you to believe that you needed to start your own country? You’re willing to do that, at least on a small scale, in Gaza, like, there’s nothing left. If you see the videos. Let’s see, let’s see some recent footage.


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