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ZAKA, a volunteer “search and rescue organisation” influenced by Zionist ideologies, was the organization that created all the lies about beheaded babies, preganant women butchered and the foetus stabbed, childred tied together and burned, women raped and countless other fake stories that have all been proven to be LIES!

But the problem with the media is that once a story is out there it is almost impossible to wind it back and Netanyahu knew it!

Him and his government along with mercernaries like ZAKA, colluded to spread lies in the first week after October 7, literally GOING ON TOUR around the USA to spread their filth, enrage the public, secure tens of millions of dollars in donations, approximately USD $50 million was raised by ZAKA and other organisations from these tours, to turn the world against Hamas and the Palestinians and justify Israel’s rampage, destruction and massacres.

As more investigation is being undertaken into ZAKA, it has been discovered that the group is engulfed in controversies, from a series of sexual abuse and embezzlement scandals to the illegal smuggling of 200-year-old artefacts.

This is a FASCINATING report highlighting the lies perpetrated by this group and the way the Netanyahu government used this as a tool of propaganda.


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English Script:
Yossi Landau: To take children and chopping off their heads. His head was Chopped off.

Joe Biden: Cutting babies’ heads off.

Presenter: Lies, graphic fabrications and gory disinformation to manipulate public opinion. That is how atrocity propaganda functions. Following Hamas’s surprise cross-border attacks on October seven, Israel used this strategy to turn the tide in its favor.

Benjamin Netanyahu: You have an important role in influencing public opinion which also influences leaders

Presenter: With the help of a group influenced by Zionist ideologies called ZAKA.
David Miller: Now, ZAKA is interesting because it finds itself involved in all sorts of allegations of essentially making up atrocities propaganda. So that story about the 40 beheaded babies, the mass rape, the cutting of a foetus from its mother’s belly. All these things seem to have been fabricated by ZAKA.

Presenter: Founded in the early nineties by Yehuda Meshi Zahav, ZAKA has the stated objective of integrating Israel’s ultra-Orthodox community known as Haredim, who typically reject Israeli state policies on religious grounds into the framework of Zionism.
Dubbing itself as a ‘search and rescue organization’ the community group consists largely of ultra-religious amateur volunteers who see themselves as performing the ‘sacred work’ of saving lives and honoring the dead in accordance with Jewish law. But the group described by an Israeli journalist as a ‘militia’ has been riddled with controversies from its founder being engulfed in a series of scandals related to alleged sexual abuse and the pocketing of millions of dollars of donations meant for ZAKA to the group being caught smuggling 200 year old Jewish manuscripts from Turkey to Israel during a ‘rescue mission’ after the twin earthquakes that struck southern Turkey in 2023. And it doesn’t stop there. The group has also been accused of ‘ego wars’ with other rescue groups vying for donations and media visibility. The ‘ego wars’ are fought according to who is first to arrive on the scene of an emergency,who is first to get a hold of photographs and who is first to make an announcement? In short, the group that sells the atrocity first and sells it better wins more visibility and gains the upper hand. And that’s exactly what happened on October seven.

Yossi Landau: She was a pregnant woman whose stomach was butchered open. Two children, a boy and a girl. Hands tied in the back there were tortured, both of them.

Presenter: A recent investigation by Ha’aretz has revealed that on October seven, spread accounts of atrocities that never happened, acted unprofessionally on the ground, or really sensitive and graphic photos of the site.
The report goes on to say that Zaka turned the October seven site into a war room for donations and used corpses as fundraising props.
David Miller: And part of the agenda appears to be, they want to raise money for their activities, so they want to appear as if they’re doing some good so that the rationale for the propaganda may well be yes, the aim to make money.

Presenter: Before October seven, ZAKA was on the verge of bankruptcy. Yet since Israel launched its war on Palestine’s Gaza, the group has managed to rake in at least $13.7 million in donations in four months.

Yossi Landau: It was a 13 year old, I would say ,13 year old boy. His head was chopped off. We found him with no head.

Presenter: Yossi Landau, head of ZAKA’s operation in southern Israel, fabricated this lie and parroted it on several media platforms. The story was later debunked by numerous media outlets, including Israeli networks, conceding that his account was fictional.
When another ZAKA member claimed that dozens of dead babies and children were bound together and burnt. Israeli forces quickly peddled these allegations without any concrete evidence to back them.

Golan Vach: We find a concentration of eight babies burnt among 15 other people.

Presenter: Others from the group claimed to have ‘collected the remains of people who had been raped’ while some alleged that they had found a sexually mutilated woman’s corpse with her organs removed, under the rubble.
But here’s a fact, ZAKA has admitted that its volunteers ‘are not pathology experts’ and that they lack the expertise to conduct forensic testing and physically examine victims for sexual assault. They have also been accused of mixing body parts and ‘contaminating crime scenes’, thus botching evidence. Here’s another shocker. An official from ZAKA has also suggested that the group relied on their imagination to determine what happened.

An official from ZAKA: The walls, the stones shouted ‘I was raped’.

Presenter: Israeli authorities haven’t been able to verify the allegations ZAKA leveled about what happened on October seven, nor which victims could have been subjected to the acts ZAKA alleges happened. So, why were these claims taken at face value by the West? And why wasn’t the group’s credibility questioned? ZAKA boasts of being an independent, non-governmental organization without any political agenda.
But after October seven, ZAKA volunteers were reportedly recruited by the Israeli state to participate in Hasbara, a component of the state’s strategy that uses disinformation and lies to shape and control narratives related to Israel. Here is what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told ZAKA volunteers in November 2023.

Benjamin Netanyahu: But we need to buy time which we also buy by turning to world leaders and public opinion.
David Miller: There’s something deeper when Benjamin Netanyahu went to visit them in November last year. He said, let’s remember that we will fight on against Hamas until they are defeated. But in order to do that, we need time, we need to be given time to maneuver. And one of the ways to get that time is to win a battle for public opinion internationally, which he (Netanyahu) said ZAKA played a key role in doing.

Presenter: Netanyahu began likening Hamas to Daesh, a manipulative comparison that was then reiterated over and over again by ZAKA.

Yossi Landau: Even the ISIS (Daesh) people would never have done this, but they (Hamas) did. It’s even worse than ISIS.

Presenter: However, a comparison between the two groups is a groundless stretch that has no substance. Hamas is a Palestinian political party and resistance group based in Gaza that won democratic elections in the enclave in 2006.
Whereas, Daesh is a terrorist organization that originated in Syria and Iraq. However, Israel’s goal in equating the two is to justify its killings of civilians under Hamas rule just like the US-led anti- Daesh coalition swayed the public into accepting the killing of thousands of civilians during Washington’s ‘anti-terror’ operations across Syria and Iraq. Given the work it does for the state of Israel; the group has been referred to as an ‘invaluable part of Israel’s propaganda machine’.

David Miller: The government of Israel sees organizations like ZAKA as a kind of propaganda arm. And of course, you can see that very much makes sense when you look at the US branch of ZAKA, which is registered in New York. And one of the advisers on it is a guy called Stuart Seldowitz, who came to prominence last year after Al Aqsa Flood when he was taunting a halal cart vendor in New York.
Stuart Seldowitz: You know what? If we killed 4000 Palestinians, you know what? It wasn’t enough.

David Miller: So, what we see here is a part of an internal national governmental propaganda apparatus. And I guess that’s really what the significance of ZAKA is.

Presenter: ZAKA atrocity propaganda played a key role in Israel’s post-October seven Hasbara campaign. It deviated people’s attention from Israel’s intelligence, political and military failure in preventing the Hamas attacks and justified Tel Aviv’s all-out war against Gaza. Critics have accused Western media of playing hand in glove with ZAKA to ‘whitewash Israeli war crimes’. Several mainstream US media outlets relied heavily on testimonies from ZAKA showed clear bias by highlighting Israeli perspectives willingly and willfully dehumanize Palestinians and continue to portray Israel as the victim and Palestinians the aggressors even amid the facts on the ground in Gaza. These crafted narratives well-orchestrated and perfectly timed, had real-life consequences.


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