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I Apologize To All Palestinians For Not Speaking Out Sooner – Daizy Gedeon

I realized how for decades I knew of the Palestinian problem and whilst I tried at various times to defend their right to self-determination and independence and against oppression, I didn’t do ALL THAT I COULD DO.

I am sorry it took this horrific tragedy to make me so aware of my role in their demise. But now I will not stop defending Palestine until it is FREE.

I make a plea to everyone who has seen the atrocities that the Isr@eli apartheid regime is doing to the P@lestinians to NOT STOP. NEVER STOP protesting, marching, writing, sharing stories, demaning of your elected officials, to end this violence and resolve this issue once and for all. Give the Palestinians a homeland, give them their dignity. Let them live in peace and security, for it is the only way that the Israelis too shall find peace.

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English Script:

The images, the footage, the stories, the cries, the pleas, the inhumanity that I’ve been witnessing, that we’ve all been witnessing.

And it just made me think this didn’t start on October seven. We all know it didn’t stop on October seven for us either. We’ve known about the Palestinian problem for a very long time.

it’s been happening over and over again and I’m guilty. I’m guilty, too, because I’ve watched and listened and put it to the side. I believe the narrative that Israel was feeding the world. I believe the stories.

That it was all the Palestinians fault.

they failed their own people by not taking up those opportunities when they had them,

And I’m a journalist and I should know better. I did know better.

I’ve reported from war zones. I’ve been face to face with the enemy and nothing compares to what I’m seeing every single day for the last seven weeks.

But I…I didn’t question anything. I didn’t question enough.

but I didn’t follow up. I didn’t investigate. And I’m really I’m really sorry. I’m really sorry that it took this atrocity that this level of violence that we’re seeing every single day, the babies, the children, the women, just so many deaths in such a short period of time.

The media want to get into it more for me to want to understand more, for me to want to realize what’s been going on. And I’m so grateful to everyone around the world who’s been sharing stories and investigating and finding stuff out and telling us and teaching us. But I wish I did it before. I wish it didn’t have to have come to this.

يجب على وسائل الإعلام التعمق في الأمر أكثر حتى أرغب في أن أفهم أكثر، ولكي أرغب في إدراك ما يحدث. وأنا ممتنة جدًا لكل شخص في جميع أنحاء العالم شارك روايات وبحث واكتشف معلومات وأخبرنا ووجّهنا. لكني أتمنى لو فعلت ذلك من قبل. أتمنى لو لم يكن من الضروري الوصول إلى هنا.

For me to want to help so much, to get so immersed in it. So the ten, 12, 15,000 Palestinians that are dead, even the 1200 Israelis had to die for us to take notice of what’s going on. No one had to die.

The only thing that’s giving me some hope is us. Is are people fighting, whether it’s online or in the streets or in parliaments or demonstrations or protesting, blockading ports or blockading bridges or whatever we’re doing. We are doing something.

We’re doing something that we’ve never done before, which is amazing and fantastic. But I’m so scared that we’re going to get tired. I’m so scared we’re going to get bored. We’re going to get desensitized. We’re just going to get used to seeing the death of thousands of people.

It’s already started. It’s not the first news hour, which it doesn’t headline the news every single day anymore. And this is the problem. And we can’t let it become another story. We have to fight all the way to the end. We have to help end this now. Please don’t get tired. Please don’t get bored. Please don’t get desensitized. Please, please keep defending Palestine. Please keep defending the Palestinians.

This the never again they talked about in the Holocaust. It should never have happened again. And yet it’s happening. We’ve got to end this now. We’ve got to keep the fight going. We’ve got to demand that international law is applied to Israel.

It’s forced to respect international law. It is made accountable. We have to make them accountable. We can’t stop. Please don’t stop talking about Palestine. Please, please end this now.


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