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Formerr US Special Forces veteran, Alan Shebaro, exposes Israeli war crimes for what they are.

“This is not a war. This is the pure definition of ethnic cleansing,” Shebaro states.

Shebaro was a Special Forces Operator / Assaulter / Sniper with an elite US Army Special Operations Anti/Counter Terrorism Unit whose primary mission was Direct Action (DA) missions and conducting Counter Insurgency Operations. He served in a critical role as a senior advisor for Iraq’s Tier One Unit, the Iraqi Counter Terrorist Force (ICTF) and trained these elite soldiers in Direct Action, Hostage Rescue, Mission Planning and led them on numerous combat missions in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2007, 2008, and 2009.

He is someone who knows what he is talking about and his decision to speak out represents his ethical duty as a military officer who is witnessing a clear violation of the code of conduct and duty by the Israeli military in their war against the Palestinians.


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English Script:
Alan Shebaro: One of the pivotal moments was Hind Rajab. I mean, you had a child that was pleading for her life, trapped in a car with her dead siblings. As people are trying to rescue her. they were getting shot and killed. This is not a war. This is the pure definition of ethnic cleansing. The same thing when you have a group of starving people that you’re starving.
At first they were saying, we weren’t involved in that. And then they realized, yes, that we were involved with that and they were soldiers, but we didn’t shoot. Oh yes, we did shoot. But they were warning shots into the air. You have starving people that are going for food and you feel threatened in a tank, you shouldn’t be there. You don’t bait people and starving civilians, you do not bait them in with food to slaughter them. That’s not war. That is ethnic cleansing. That is genocide. That is purposefully genocide.

Al Jazeera: Alan Shebaro is US Special Forces veteran living in Mckinney, Texas. A video of him speaking against US support for Israel at the city council went viral.

Alan Shebaro: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen horrible things and this takes it to an entirely new level. The US taxpayers are paying for this, which makes it even more frustrating. I’m paying for this. I’m seeing what’s happening to this… Whatever you can do, anything, this needs to stop. I literally just got done watching the U.S. veto another cease fire, and I was frustrated and pretty much just needed to vent. I can’t even imagine how it feels for American citizens that are Palestinian. Their tax money going to be spent to kill their own families. I mean, how atrocious is that? We had a gentleman at the city council meeting and he has 11 kids. He has 20 grandkids. He’s been living in McKinney for over 30 years. All his money, his family, all the taxes that he’s paying for and he knows that it’s going potentially to kill his family in Palestine. I’m going to try to use my voice to do the right thing from now till the end of my life.

Al Jazeera:Alan served 15 years in the US military and was deployed in Iraq 3 times – in 2007, 2008 and 2009. He is now a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu trainer and founder of We Defy Foundation that provides a solution for combat veterans coping with mental and physical trauma.


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