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UK to consider suspending arms exports to Israel if Rafah offensive goes ahead even though the UK High court rejected a legal challenge over UK arms sales to Israel. Campaigners are to appeal the court decision to block export licences despite concerns about human rights breaches in Gaza war.


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English Script:
WION presenter: Well, the situation in the Gaza Strip worsening by the day. The British government is now considering suspending arms export licenses to Israel. Diplomatic pressure is mounting on the United Kingdom to follow other nations and to suspend the export of arms which are being used to kill the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. The reports have said that while there is no immediate decision on the suspension of arms export licenses, the United Kingdom could quickly end the export if there was a breach of international humanitarian law. The United Kingdom has joined other allies in pressurizing Israel to avoid a ground invasion of Rafah. In a letter to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, Foreign Secretary David Cameron has said that he could not see how an offensive in Rafah could go ahead without harming thousands of civilians and destroying their homes. Meanwhile, the London High Court has rejected the petition to suspend the British arms export to Israel. Legal advocacy groups have asked the High Court in January to speed up a judicial review of the UK Government’s decision to keep selling military parts and arms to Israel. But the court ruled against the measure. The pro-Palestinian groups have also brought civil court cases to stop the export of arms that is bombs and other missiles to Israel. Amidst the rising toll in the Gaza Strip, the 29,000 Palestinians have so far been killed. In the middle of February, the appeals court in Hague had ruled that the Netherlands must stop delivering parts of F-35 fighter jets that are used by Israel in its bombing campaign of the Gaza Strip. It said that there is a clear risk that the planes will be involved in breaking international humanitarian law and will be used on the Palestinians.


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