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The US has not only been complicit in the genocide politically and by funding the Israeli military, but now they are actively engaging in the murder spree. I wonder if the legal action that has been launched in the International Criminal Court against members of the Israeli government and military also extends to include members of foreign armies?

I CALL ON ALL US CITIZENS who are fair-minded, believe in the values of justice, freedom and humanity to rise up and march against your government and elected officials who are perpetuating and participating in the monstrocities being committed in Gaza against the Palestinian people.

English Script:

I will burn their city to the ground.


I will find every rat hole that they hide in and I will drop down enough explosives to scare God Almighty!

Yeah. Yeah.

I didn’t see men, I do not see soldiers, I see lions. I see a pride of hungry lions. Let me tell you a promise, gentlemen. A promise that i give to you before God Almighty. It is hunting season in Gaza. And you will all be all fed before this is done. I suppose I have a message. A message i would like to give to my enemy, wherever he may be. I’ll pass that message on to you, that when you find him, you can tell him that I say to him. On October 7th, you killed my angel. So I have only my demons to send. So dig your graves, dig them wide and dig them deep. Paratroopers are coming. Hoorah.


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