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Tensions are definitely escalating across the entire Middle East with both sides, the West and the East, retaliating and the innocent civilians paying with their lives.

The possibilty of the war in Gaza spreading to Lebanon is becoming scaringly real as Israel launches more air strikes deeper into Lebanese territory and last week’s drone attack that killed another Hezbollah senior combatant Abbas Al-Debes, is pushing Hezbollah to take more serious retaliation.

In this exchange between Scottish politician George Galloway and former Marine Intelligence Officer, Scott Ritter, they discuss the possibility of Israel invading Lebanon and the risks Israel takes by taking such aggressive action.

Ritter believes Israel will fail because Hezbollah is far too strong on its own territory, but will that stop Israel and what will be the impact on the Lebanese people who are already enduring a chronic and devastating economic, political and social meltdown?


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English Script:
George Galloway: This week. We were told in what was clearly a sale that Israel was imminently about to invade and a ground invasion southern Lebanon, and tried to drive the Lebanese resistance back beyond the Litani River, which they’ve been trying to do actually as long as I’ve been involved in this. And that goes back 50 years. The Litani River, as is fixed in my mind, does the place that Israel kind of believes is its border with Lebanon. But it never happened. The Israelis did not invade Lebanon. Are they going to?

Scott Ritter: Well, I’m loathe to try and give you an absolute statement of, you know, assurance that they won’t. But I’m telling you right now that they won’t. And I’ll tell you why they won’t, because they will get destroyed by Hezbollah. Hezbollah learned a lesson in 2006 by way of conflict that Hezbollah won. Israel did not defeat Hezbollah in 2006, nor did Israel defeat Hezbollah when Hezbollah drove Israel out of southern Lebanon in 2000. So, you know, Hezbollah is two and against Israel. Hezbollah also learned something about the 2006 conflict, and that is that Israel took the fight to Lebanese soil and Israel inflicted horrific harm on the, you know, the city of Beirut on Lebanese villages in southern Lebanon. And Hezbollah made a determination that if there’s going to be a fight with Israel in the future, that that fight won’t be exclusively on Lebanese soil, that Hezbollah is going to take the fight to Israel. And Hezbollah has been training and preparing for this. What I can guarantee you is two things. One, that Israel will never reach the Litani River.

They will be allowed to penetrate into southern Lebanon to a certain depth, at which point they’ll be stopped by preplanned Hezbollah defenses and then find themselves trapped. Is over 10,000 Hezbollah fighters appear on the soil of Israel and will capture northern Israel, seize the Galilee, isolate the Golan. And there’s nothing Israel could do to stop this. Nothing. The Israeli military knows this. The Israeli government knows this. The United States knows this. That’s why I believe that Israel will never attack Lebanon and never initiate this so-called Litani offensive, because it’s a literal act of suicide.

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