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Aaaah the intentions become clearer and clearer! We were always taught the 1967 war was one which EGYPT started… But was this just a myth developed to control how we look at history?!

In this video, Miko Peled shares what he discovered about the myth of the 1967 war.

We need to STOP BELIEVING the narrative Israel has been preaching to make them look like the victim and understand that they indeed have been the aggressor from the start1


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English Script:
Miko Peled: The myth that we’re told about the 1967 war is that once again, Israel was attacked and once again, miraculously, we the Israelis prevailed. I decided to look and go into the Israeli army archives. And I was interested, particularly in reading the minutes of the meeting leading up to the 1967 war. I saw something that I had not seen anywhere else.
My father says this, that the Egyptian army is not prepared for war and therefore we must attack now. We have a tremendous opportunity now to once again destroy the Egyptian army. Not only are they not talking about an existential threat, they’re talking about an opportunity. The government gave them the okay to start a preemptive strike against Egypt, but the Egyptian army was decimated in a couple of days. The Sinai Peninsula was conquered once again. The Gaza Strip was conquered and they took the West Bank. The Israeli army defeated and destroyed three Arab armies, killed over 15,000 Arab soldiers. And all of this was done in six days as Arab armies were attacking them. So, again, the myth fizzles away once you actually take a look at the facts. Now, my father did something very interesting. He stood up and he said, now we have an opportunity to solve the Palestinian question. We can now offer the Palestinians a state in the West Bank and Gaza. This will be the first Arab state with which Israel will have a peace agreement. It’ll be a bridge for peace agreements with the other Arab countries. And as he was saying this, a massive settlement project and an ethnic cleansing project began in the West Bank, just as Israel had done after 1948, destroying Palestinian towns and villages, changing the names and building towns and villages for Israelis. The same thing was done in the West Bank after 1967. For Israel, this meant the job was done.

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