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It is not only the Israeli govenrment that is itching to start World War III but ALL right-wing facists in Israel, especially the settlers who have been imported from Europe to boost Israel’s population numbers.

This interview would be scary if it was not so absurd but this is what we in Lebanon are dealing with also. The fact that there are crazies like this guy all over Israel who want to destroy Lebanon along with Gaza, the West Bank and no doubt many other countries in the Middle East.

“Dahiya Quarter (a largely Shiite suburb of Beirut) and other quarters in Beirut should have been wiped from the face of the Earth! That’s the only way they understand,” stated David Azoulai, an extremist head of the Metula settlement council in Northern Israel.

This is NOT just a physical battle! This is a philosophy and an ideology entrenched in the hearts of these people! THIS IS EXTREMISM. THIS IS TERRORISM! Raising a people with an ideology of superiority and privilege! How will we achieve peace in the region and the world with such beliefs?!

This is a QUESTION the WHOLE WORLD needs to ponder.


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