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“Shocking reports coming out of Gaza where four International Aid Workers from England, Australia, Ireland, and Poland have been killed following an Israeli strike on their car in Gaza.

The Palestinian driver of the car was also killed.

All the volunteers worked for World Central Kitchen and were there trying to feed the hungry.

The World Central Kitchen Organization released a statement saying “The relief workers who were victims of the Israeli bombing were on a mission to inspect the port in Gaza.”

The Australian government has confirmed that Lalzawmi “Zomi” Frankcom, was among those killed in the airstrike.

Where is the international uproar? Where is the condemnation of a rogue state that is stomping on international humanitarian law? Why does Israel have such impunity? What other country in the world gets away with such atrocities.

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English Script:
Yolland Knell: I mean, when it comes to this attack on the convoy, what we’re hearing is that World Central Kitchen, this U.S. charity that’s brought in so much food to Gaza that it has been running this huge soup kitchen out of Rafah in the very south and has been very involved in opening up the maritime routes, bringing in the first food from Cyprus into Gaza. Well, they have been saying that what happened is that their team had just unloaded more than 100 tons of food aid brought in by sea to a warehouse in Deir el-Balah, which is in the center of the Gaza Strip. They say that they had been coordinating their movements carefully with the Israeli military and after that, their convoy was still hit. They’re throwing very strong words coming out, the CEO of the organization calling this attack on aid workers “unforgivable.” The Israeli military says it’s carrying out an in-depth examination at the highest levels to understand the circumstances of this tragic incident. But worryingly, also, the World Central Kitchen says it is now pausing its operations in Gaza, which have been so important there, because, of course, this is a territory that is facing now a manmade famine, according to the U.N. and it says it’s going to look at its operations in future, whether it carries on its work.


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