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BRILLIANT SATIRICAL DIATRIBE Does the DEVIL wear a gray M&S suit with comfy brown Merrells?

I was gripped for the entire 12 minutes of this satirical masterpiece.

Award-winning author Max Porter delivers a powerful performance as he reads is “Wild West” essay on the British arms trade during an event in London.

Here is a short extract of what you can expect:

“If you carry on with this nonsense about Palestine, you’ll ruin Christmas. God forbid we interrupt the turkey dinner with news of 20,000 dead civilians. Carl takes off his charming mask and says: If those woke tw*ts keep spraying our factories with red paint and get arrested…that would be pretty sweet. If that court case would go away, that would keep things neat. I run a support group for people in this industry who feel judged by their friends and family. It’s called I don’t give a Sh*t. It’s called Get over it. It’s called This is the world. This is the product. At no point in the production of this lollipop do I need to know who ends up sucking it.”


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English Script:


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