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The West is stuck in a narrative that makes condemnation of genocide CONDITIONAL!! Only once we condemn H*M*S for the attack can we then move on to talking about the atrocities being committed by Israel!!

Israeli-American and human rights activist, Miko Peled sums it up perfectly:
“Condemning the resistance of people who are being oppressed and killed, subjected to genocide for 75 years, ARE WE OUT OF OUR MINDS?!”
Credit: @middleeastmonitor

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English Script:
Miko Peled: Are we out of our minds condemning the resistance of the people who are being oppressed and killed, subjected to genocide for 75 years? Are we outside of our minds when we let this ridiculous narrative take hold and spread and then participate in it, nodding our heads like sheep? We’ve heard of lists and lists and lists of crimes committed by the state of Israel, lists and lists of crimes against humanity. And there always seems to be like there’s a little bit of a sense of surprise, a little bit of shock, a little bit as though this was somehow not predictable. What we are seeing now in Gaza was not only predictable, it was preventable and we did not prevent it. The previous massacre in Gaza was predictable too, and that was not prevented. And we can go on and on and on and on back 75 years, because, what could possibly be expected from an apartheid regime established after a massive campaign, open massive campaign of ethnic cleansing, massacres and the beginning of a genocide that is still going on today?
Close to a million people forced out of their land. God knows how many were massacred. That was 1948, so now we’re shocked. There’s nothing new about them except this time the numbers are higher. This time the numbers are, you know, even by Israeli standards, it is shocking. But this was predictable and this was preventable. And every time something happens, we rise, we protest, we demand, and we forget. Instead of standing there and demanding an end, an absolute end to the oppression and the killing of Palestinians, an end to it, not a ceasefire to it, an end to it, a political solution that will guarantee the lives, the security, the safety of Palestinians. That has never been discussed, that guarantees need to be put in place because Palestinians have been living in a state of terror for 75 years, whether in the West Bank, whether in the Gaza Strip, whether they’re citizens of the state of Israel or so-called citizens, they have been living in a state of terror, and they still do today.

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