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A new report reveals alarming statistics, indicating that 5% of children under the age of two are acutely malnourished in southern Gaza, with the figure spiking to 15% in the north.

In northern Gaza, scenes of desperation unfold as Palestinians rush towards aid trucks in search of food and supplies. With a severe shortage of essential items like flour, families are resorting to consuming animal feed to stave off hunger.

Further south in Rafah, young Gazans queue for soup and lentils, often their only meal of the day. Fatima, a mother, tearfully describes her anguish as she struggles to feed her children amid dire circumstances.

There’s an URGENT need for humanitarian assistance and yet Israel refuses to allow trucks to enter Gaza to deliver the aid or if they enter, it strikes them preventing the aid reaching the needy.

All this while the world watches, waiting for the USA and UK to END THEIR SUPPORT OF THEIR “”CLOSEST”” ALLY – ISRAEL!!


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English Script:
Fox reporter: Palestinians rushed toward an aid truck in northern Gaza desperate for food and supplies. There is no flour, Abdullah Sawaf explains. We are eating animal feed to stop ourselves from feeling the hunger. Further south in the city of Rafah, young Gazans wait for soup and lentils. For most, it will be the only meal they have today. My children cry constantly, Fatima says, and I am unable to feed or give them water. These are the faces of Gaza’s most vulnerable residents, young Palestinians weak and suffering amid the war. As their screen for malnutrition, a new report indicates 5% of children under the age of two are acutely malnourished in southern Gaza. That number spikes to 15% in the north, with no diplomatic breakthroughs. The civilian population must brace for the possibility that the war and agony continues for weeks if not months.


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