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Norman Finkelstein challenges the double standard in global politics, asserting that if Hamas is to be removed from power for its actions, then the Israeli government should also face the same fate.

In a riveting exchange with Piers Morgan, Finkelstein boldly asserts that if Hamas is to be ousted for its actions, including the tragic loss of innocent lives, then the Israeli government, responsible for far greater deaths, should face the same fate.

Morgan moderates the intense discussion, pressing for clarity on whether Hamas should remain in power, while Finkelstein emphasizes the importance of applying a consistent moral and legal standard to all parties involved.

In the end Morgan agrees the current Israeli government, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu SHOULD GO!


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English Script:
Norman Finkelstein: There’s a difference between whether or not Hamas stays in power and whether Hamas should be in power. So let me get into… The “stays in power is a military question”. Should be in power? Well, let’s look at it. I say: if Hamas, which is responsible for the killings of 36 children on October 7th, should not stay in power, then you must certainly agree, Piers and I’m going to kindly ask you to please answer me. You must surely agree then, that Israel, which has killed now approximately 12,000 children and is plausibly accused of having killed them in the course of a genocide

Shmuley Boleach: What’s the source? What is your source please? What’s your source?

Piers Morgan: Well, it’s the Palestinian Authority run by Hamas. We know that.

Shmuley Boleach: Run by Hamas. Wait, wait, wait, wait. No,

Piers Morgan: No, Rabbi Shmuley, you don’t interrupt. This is actually an important question and an important moment in the debate. Continue. Norman Finkelstein.

Norman Finkelstein: So I have to ask you, Piers, if you believe that Hamas should not stay in power because it killed 36 children on October seven, then you must surely agree several times, thousand times more emphatically, that the Israeli government should not be in power because it killed 12,000 children. Not as collateral damage, but plausibly, according to 15 of the 17 judges on the highest judicial body in the world…

Piers Morgan: Okay. Here’s my answer. You haven’t, so far, answered my question. If you do, I will give you an emphatic answer to yours. So let me just ask again. Should Hamas stay in power?

Norman Finkelstein: My answer is if we apply one standard across the board, I am perfectly happy to say Hamas should be removed from power if you agree that several thousand times more emphatically the Israeli government should be removed from power.

Piers Morgan: Well, I would answer it like this. No, I do not believe they should continue, actually. I think this government has lost the faith of its people. I think Netanyahu in particular has lost all confidence and popularity with the Israeli people who blame him for what happened on October the seventh. And so, no, I don’t think they should stay in power, actually. I think both countries should have new leadership, and new governments. That’s my answer. But again, I’m just coming back to you…I just want to get one answer out of Norman Finkelstein as to whether you will answer my question about whether Hamas should stay in power.

Norman Finkelstein: Piers, if you use a single standard across the board, then I accept your conclusion. So long as you’re being morally as well as legally consistent, I have personally no problem with that conclusion.


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