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Francesca Albanese, UN Special Rapporteur, has sounded the alarm on the Gaza genocide, denouncing the failure of member states to uphold the genocide convention and prevent atrocities.

In a powerful statement, Albanese highlights the historical pattern of inaction in the face of genocides in Rwanda, Bosnia Herzegovina, Congo, Sudan, and other forgotten crises. She underscores the global mobilization against double standards, as people worldwide unite in condemnation of the disproportionate response and lack of accountability for atrocities committed by the state of Israel in Gaza.

Albanese’s remarks serve as a rallying cry for justice, galvanizing individuals across the Global South and North to demand accountability from Western countries and ensure that the victims of the Gaza genocide are not forgotten.

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English Script:
Francesca Albanese: It’s clear that the member states, with a few exceptions, South Africa, with a few exceptions, have proven unable or unwilling to honor the genocide convention in that part, that obliges states to prevent genocide. We couldn’t prevent the genocide in Rwanda. We couldn’t prevent the genocide in Bosnia Herzegovina, and we couldn’t prevent other atrocity crimes that have taken place and are taking place right now while we speak in Congo, in Sudan, there are so many crises that are forgotten. And this is why I think this this genocide is mobilizing people globally for a number of reasons, because of the double standards. And I think that people have enough, both in the Global South and in the global north of this double standards perpetrated by Western countries.


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