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Under the guise of a hasbara campaign led by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a concerted effort has been made to manipulate public opinion and garner support for Israeli actions. This propaganda has found willing participants among world leaders, including President Biden and others, who have regrettably perpetuated many of Israel’s fabrications.

As Palestinian-American comedian and activist, Bassem Youssef, explains in this interview with Chris Cuomo, American television journalist and anchor at NewsNation in New York, he addresses EVERY alleged crime committed by Hamas on October 7 against Israeli citizens and exposes the vast majority as LIES! Cuomo is visibly shocked.

Youssef recounts how western leaders including President Biden and Blinken swallowed the lies and repeated them publicly and in US Senate hearings which launched a global wave of hatred and rage around the world that still exists and is being repeated and recounted to this day.

The consequence of this information warfare is not merely a matter of skewed perceptions; it has real-world implications, contributing to the perpetuation of violence and suffering in Gaza and beyond but more shockingly, the acceptance of this aggression by world leaders and some of the general public who refuse to see the PROOF OF THESE LIES BEFORE THEIR VERY EYES.

The manipulation of public opinion through false propaganda serves to justify the ongoing genocide and human rights abuses inflicted upon the Palestinian people.



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English Script:
Bassem Youssef: Now let’s talk about october the 7th. October 7 is a fucking atrocity. It’s a terrorist attack, it’s terrible. Antony Blinken went on in front of Congress and he testified about an incident.

Antony Blinken: A family of four, a young boy and girl, six and eight years old, and their parents around the breakfast table. The father, his eye gouged out in front of his kids. The mother’s breast cut off, the girl’s foot amputated, the boy’s fingers cut off before they were executed. And then their executioner sat down and had a meal.

Bassem Youssef: That is a direct testimony from Zaka and Hatzalah United: “They killed the husband first. They took his eyes out. I saw the body by myself. They cut the breast of the woman, they cut the leg of the girl”. Two relief groups from Israel, that they have actually been exposed, that all of the stuff that they said has been lies and they’ve collected more than $50 million of donations.

Yassi Landau: Yes I collected beheaded babies.

Eli Beer: our volunteers, when they came into their homes and they saw the children beheaded. If they were not busy raping women, they would have continued to Jerusalem.

Bassem Youssef: Because of these unverified lies, and this has been reported by the Israeli media Haaretz, Channel 31, and Times Of Israel.

We arrive in Kibbutz Be’eri, and there I encounter one is a nursery school, with innocent children. They were butchered killed. You see the children inside the house? Eight babies, eight babies died.

Well no eight babies were killed in Be’eri, according to the Kibbutz spokesperson.

There were also children here, babies who were hanged on a laundy line, really in one line.

Buskila is talking about a supposed event in Kfar Aza, but in Kfar Aza thay made it clear long ago that this event simply didn’t happen.

“A pregnant women cut open” this also didn’t happen. It’s necessary to say Sari that even United Hatzalah spread in the past the fictional story about a baby being put in an oven. It wasn’t united hatzalah it was Zaka but yes.

Bassem Youssef: you’ve seen burned bodies but but in the same time in Israel people talk about the Hannibal directive, where Israelis wnet in indiscriminately. They shot Hellfire missiles from Apache, they shot shells from tanks. There is an Israeli supervisor, her name is Yasmin Porat. She came on a podcast and she talked about being in a house with 14 other hostages and 40 terrorists and said everybody was alive. And then the Israelis started to shooting all the 40 terrorists and 12 out of the 14 hostages were killed. That’s an 85% kill rate.

Interviewer: the terrorists shot at them?

Yamin Porat: no

Interviewer: So they could have been shot by our own forces?

Yamin Porat: Absolutely, it’s painful for me. They fired on everyone there including the hostages.

Bassem Youssef: Now, let’s talk about the decapitated babies. According to the official Israeli records, one baby was killed. Mila Chen, ten months. 12 children from the age 2 to 9, 36 from the age from 12 to 19, a total of 49 innocent children who should never have been killed or even touched on that day. The biggest casualty was 421 people from the age of 20 or 40. The total number of people that killed with that day, 1129 people, 373 of them were police and military and 759 civilians. No rape, no decapitation, nothing. All of these were refuted. Even the New York Times peace and The Guardian retracted them because they were taken for a ride. Does it make it less horrific that there are just 759 just killed, most of them killed by firepower from the Israeli. No, it’s that horrific. But you created that image. So people now are prepared and prepped to go in and kill everyone. This is blind rage. The 40 decapitated baby became a myth. And everybody now believes it. So if I talk about them nobody wants…

I don’t think everybody believes it.

But it was used as an emotionally way to suck money, 50 million. and to allow people to say, all right, go and kill everybody. Right now, as we’re speaking, the uncles and cousins of my children in Gaza, they have lost all of their homes. They are still alive. They are all now cramped in one apartment, in one building in Rafah.

And as we speak, one bomb can drop on them right now annihilating my whole family. And that happened because of lies that were propagated, making people accept that Israel can go and do whatever they want.

You have been lied to.

“They took their eyes out ,raping women, the mother’s breast cut off, a pregnant women cut open”

So you can accept this: “we’ll take your head, we’ll take your life. We’re going to massacre them. did not succeed.

Naftali Bennet: Are you seriously keep on asking me about Palestinian civilians. What’s what’s wrong with you?

Don’t let them bully you into silence: that’s sameful and anti-semitic equation. When the ICC investigates Israel for fake war crimes, this is pure antisemitism. from the river to the sea is anti-Semitic. Those calling for a ceasefire are legitimizing antisemitism.

They lied, they still do. Liars, murderers and they’re getting away with it.


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