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Daniel Levy, former Israeli negotiator, exposes the warmongering that is going on in the international media and the global community. His powerful words challenge us to rethink narratives, emphasizing the urgent call for a CEASEFIRE.

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English Script:
(Host) But the Israelis would say, well, look, you know, we are defending ourselves. We are targeting Hamas targets in Gaza. We are trying to put an end to what we believe is a terrorist organization once and for all.

(Daniel Levy) Do you really keep a straight face when you say that? Do you think terrorist organizations embedded in populations who are denied their most basic rights ended once and for all in a military campaign?

Does that happen in history? Can someone credibly tell me that when the leadership of a country says we are cutting off food, electricity, water, all supplies to an entire civilian population, that they’re targeting militants? I’m sorry, these kind of lies can’t be allowed to pass. And when you tell yourself the lie, it leads to the wrong policy. If anyone told me what the militants did on the weekend was a legitimate response to years and years of occupation, I would say, no, you’re wrong headed.

You’ve lost sight of humanity and reality. If anyone tells me that what Israel is doing in Gaza today is a legitimate response to what happened on the weekend. It’s exactly the same.

(Host) And yet they are saying it. And yet the international community is saying…

(Daniel Levy) People need to challenge them on it because it’s a lie and we’re warmongering. If we allow them to get away with it.


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