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In this fascinating report by Al-Jazeera, Journalists Hind Hassan and Ayman Abu Ramouz report from the Occupied West Bank regarding the increased restrictions by the Israeli forces at the Qalandiya checkpoint, limiting Palestinians’ access to Al-Aqsa Mosque during the holy month of Ramadan.

According to one resident, “there are additional restrictions on Palestinians leaving Al-Aqsa. They must submit their papers at a checkpoint while leaving Jerusalem or even take a selfie and submit it on an application managed by the Israeli government.”

The distinct rules applied to Israelis vs Palestinians remind us of two similar events in history: (1) apartheid South Africa and (2) racial segregation in the United States.

Israel has divided the people. Israel has implemented RACIST policies. Israel has implemented an APARTHEID system.


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English Script:
Hind Hassan: This is an Israeli military checkpoint in Qalandia. If you are a Palestinian who lives in the occupied West Bank and you want to travel into occupied East Jerusalem, then this is one of the main points of entry. The vast majority of Palestinians trying to make this crossing today are attempting to reach Al-Aqsa mosque in East Jerusalem so that they can pray during the holy month of Ramadan. But if they make it through, then one of the lucky ones, because the vast majority are not allowed to make that crossing due to severe Israeli restrictions imposed on the Palestinians who live here. Only Palestinian men over the age of 55, women over the age of 50, and young children under the age of ten are allowed to make this crossing.

This is a heavily fortified checkpoint and there are armed Israeli soldiers everywhere. This crossing is only for Palestinians. If you’re an Israeli settler living in the occupied West Bank, you use a different crossing and there are no restrictions there. Traditionally, in Ramadan, Israel actually eases restrictions of Palestinians to allow them to go and pray in Al-Aqsa mosque. But since October 7th, the number of checkpoints has increased and the movement of Palestinians has been heavily controlled. Some Palestinians wait all year for this moment to be able to go and pray at the mosque in Al-Aqsa so those who are turned back are devastated.


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