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I was plesantly astonished when I saw this video capturing King Charles III publicly declaring the importance of preserving Islams sacred traditions.

During this holy month of Ramadan I encourage everyone to watch this and appreciate why we should respect the three monotheistic religions, and other faiths such as Hinduism, Buddism and the like, especially at this time when Islamaphobia is on the rise again around the world.

We should also appreciate that it is incumbent upon everyone of us to become better informed about Islam so we are not manipulated and misguided by the propaganda of ideologies that serve only to divide humanity rather than illustrate the strenghts, beauty and wisdoms of all faiths that in fact are so similar in their teachings and guide us to show compassion, care and kindness to one another.

These are the values that unite humanity. They are that simple and if we used them to guide our lives we would have no wars, no violence, we would have equality and people would all live in dignity.


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English Script:
King Charles III: My understanding of Islam is that it warns that to deny the reality of our inner being leads to an inner darkness which can quickly extend outwards into the world of nature. This then is why the wisdom and learning offered by a sacred tradition like Islam matters. The Islamic world is the custodian of one of the greatest treasuries of accumulated wisdom and spiritual knowledge available to humanity. And yet so often that wisdom is now obscured by the dominant drive towards Western materialism, the modernist ideology that has dominated the Western outlook for a century implies that tradition is backward looking. This is far from true. It looks forward. Think what could be achieved if mothers and fathers, the teachers in madrassas and imams, all sought to demonstrate to children how to translate Islamic teachings into practical action.


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