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The recent attack on a Gaza hospital has sparked global outrage, as reports emerge of the dire situation unfolding. With over 29,000 Palestinian lives lost and critical medical facilities crippled, people are dying in their hospital beds from a lack of supplies.

Despite heroic efforts of medical and rescue teams, the toll of casualties continues to rise amidst power outages and restricted access.

The devastating aftermath weighs heavily on the brave medical staff, risking their lives to save others amidst the chaos.



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English Script:
Julie Etchingham: The number of Palestinian dead, as Chris reported just now, is already above 29,000. The UN’s World Health Organization today released pictures of life saving missions to remove critically ill patients from southern Gaza’s main hospital. Medecins Sans Frontieres said it still had medical staff trapped inside.

John Irvine: Without power and personnel, Nasser Hospital can no longer provide much in the way of care. So evacuating the critical patients has been a lifesaving necessity. Working by torchlight, rescue teams have managed to get 32 of them out, but they claim that two previous requests to the Israelis for access were turned down and that at least five patients in intensive care died as a result. The Israeli siege and then raid on the hospital and the dire consequences have exacted a heavy toll on the handful of remaining staff members as well. Wth the Israelis now claiming victory in Khan Yunis, refugee crammed Rafah is next in the firing line, and that prospect is making the international clamor for a truce more emphatic.

Lord Cameron: We are calling for a stop in the fighting right now. We think that what we need is a pause in the fighting and the hostages to come out and aid to go in. That should happen straight away.

John Irvine: As the quest goes on for a negotiated truce, the Israelis are warning that if the remaining hostages are not freed over the next three weeks, then the assault on Rafah will commence.


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