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ISRAELI OFFICIAL CAUGHT IN A LIE Calls it an “Honest Mistake”

MSNBC TV host, Mehdi Hassan confronts and crushes Israeli adviser Mark Regev regarding Israeli propaganda, leading Mark to acknowledge and admit that Israel had released false and misleading information, much of which has not been retracted or removed from the internet or other media platform.

Worth WATCHING to the end.

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English Script:
(Mehdi) You’re dodging my question mark.

(Mark) I’m not sure that’s true.

(Mehdi) Why did your military spokesman on Monday point to a calendar in Arabic and say these are the names of terrorists on them. That’s false. Can you accept that here?

(Mark)I am not aware of the incidennt…

(Mehdi) Let’s put up the image, we have the image.

(Mark)I have no comment, i am not familiar with the incident.

(Mehdi) Does your spokesman read Arabic?

(Mark)Hang on, I have a question Mehdi you’re a journalist, have you made a professional mistake ever? Not intentionally, but have you made a professional mistake?

(Mehdi) Exactly and I own up to it, can you own up to the mistake? dSo can you own up to the mistakes now?

(Mark)If I’ve made mistakes. You’ve made mistakes. But there’s a difference between making an honest mistake and between Hamas that deliberately exaggerates the numbers to suit its propaganda purposes. there’s a huge difference.

(Mehdi) So it sounds like…hold on you said propaganda. Can we just deal with your colleague Offer Gendelman’s tweet? It’s still up seven days later, why hasn’t it come down? It’s a Lebanese short film. We can put it on screen. It’s not Palestinians faking their own injuries. Can we own up to that mistake and take that down? Is that not propaganda?
Once again, I understand that that was also a mistake.

(Mehdi) So why is it up seven days later?


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