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After two weeks of an aerial and land onslaught on the most important medical facility in central Gaza, the Al-Shifa Hospital, the Israeli military has completely and utterly rendered the facility inoperable eliminating any way the hundreds of Palestinian civilians killed and injured every day can possibly have of staying alive.

The horrific scenes show scores of lifeless, zip tied bodies that were executed. It was the largest massacre since 1948, with more than 400 Palestinians executed, killed, or run over by Israeli tanks.

In this interview, the host relays to Dr Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian physician who has been volunteering and serving at Al-Shifa for 15 years, that the IDF claimed to have moved civilians and patients to saf areas, provided them water and medicines before bombarding and raising the facility executing allegedly 200 Hamas fighters and injuring hundreds more.

Here’s a snippet of the grab:

”The Israeli military…say they gradually isolated the patients, moved them out of the fighting zone, provided water and food…is that consistent with what you’re hearing actually happened?”

”Absolutaly not. The Israelis are known for being the most ardent liars,” Dr Gilbert bluntly stated.

Dr Gilbert is a voice of truth. Telling it it straight.

How could anyone believe the IDF would take any precautions after six months of video testimony, physical proof, public statements and horrendous atrocities showing the EXACT OPPOSITE?


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English Script:
Cyril Vanier: I want to compare what the Israeli military is saying to what, you know, actually happened in al-Shifa. The Israeli military say that during their operation, which they say was against Hamas and Islamic Jihad armed fighters, they say that they gradually isolated the patients, moved them out of the fighting zone for say, move them to another building, and even provided water, food and some level of medical assistance. I’m assuming medicines, but I don’t actually know. Is that consistent with what you’re hearing? Actually happened?

Mads Gilbert: Absolutely not. And the Israelis are known for being the most ardent liars. They lie about everything.

Mahmoud Issa: The occupation army executed them after zip tying them.


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