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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu finally unveiled Israel’s plans for Gaza after hostilities end in the enclave, submitting to his war cabinet a formal proposal that directly contradicts the objectives of the US, according to The Financial Times.

The one-page document, released overnight by his office, makes no mention of any role for the Palestinian Authority, the West Bank-based rival to Hamas that the Biden administration wants to see take over control, and rejects unilateral international steps towards recognition of a Palestinian state.

It also foresees a sizeable security buffer within the besieged enclave, an outcome the US has made clear it opposes. In practice, it could see a full-scale resumption of Israel’s control of the enclave and its 2.3m population.

The announcement came following a heated debate in the Israeli Knesset, which voted against the establishment of a Palestinian State.

Arab ministers condemned the vote with MK Ahmad Tibi yelling: “A Palestinian state will be established whether you like it or not all of you.”

While Ayman Odeh, another Arab MK, added “”Netanyahu, your political career is over. The world is talking about a Palestinian state. And it will happen, despite your racist policies””.

Hey Bibi, the whole world won’t give up until there is a PALESTINIAN STATE and your reign is OVER! The ENTIRE WORLD!!

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English Script:
Netanyahu: I would like to congratulate the members of the Knesset, including those in the opposition, who today voted unanimously in my proposal that Israel will oppose the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Ahmad Tibi: a Palestinian state will be established whether you like it or not all of you. Here he is Benjamin Netanyahu.

Ayman Awdeh: You, Netanyahu, You finish your political journey While the entire world is talking about the Palestinian state You finish your political journey in the worst state Israel has ever been in in terms of security You bragged about the state of the economy, and watch the terrible state of the economy Israel is in The entire world is speaking about the Palestinian State l am proud in this people that fights for its freedom There is no other way other than to recognize the national rights of both people One state next to another That is the only solution which will bring peace that will benefit both the Palestinians and the Jews And it will happen despite your racist policies Get lost get lost from politics Release the two people Release the two people from your burden!


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