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Considered “the Queen of the diaspora”, @ELYANNA is a vision of hope and strength for the Palestinian people all around the world and especially Gaza and the West Bank.

Not afraid to use her global platform to serve her people, the Palestinian-Chilean singer shares her mission to ensure the Palestinians who are being slaughtered in Gaza to be seen and heard.

“I want the Arab diaspora to feel powerful and heard,” she says.

Currently on a soldout tour of the US and Canada, she is taking every opportunity to ensure their stories and the genocide happening in Gaza is not forgotten or ignored.

A lady of substance and soul ❤️🇵🇸🤍


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English Script:
Elyanna: This is the goal really. This is why I started doing this, because I wanted people and the Arab diaspora to feel like…I want them to feel powerful and I want them to feel, you know, that they’re heard.

She’s known as the queen of the diaspora. This Palestinian Chilean singer has just sold out her first tour across the US and Canada. In an interview with TRT World, Elyanna who is only 22 years old, says she uses her music to celebrate Palestinian and Arab culture.

Elyanna: I always say that this is such a like a confirmation for, you know, the whole idea of singing in Arabic. I feel like seeing all the fans and seeing all the people coming here waiting in line. And it’s cold, wearing their Keffiyeh, their bandanas, their coins. I just want people to just be proud of who they are and where they come from.

After the attacks on Gaza began, Elyanna released “Olive Branch”, an ode to Palestine, that she wrote with her family and has been viewed more than 4 million times online.

Elyanna: It’s a song that really it’s very hard for me to sing on stage because I get really emotional. So excuse me if you know my voice, sometimes I feel like want to cry. It’s because I’m just really feeling it. I’m feeling for my people. I’m I hope they hear me and I hope all of us in the crowd, you know, pray for them.

Last November, the artist postponed her tour “out of respect for the Palestinian people”. She now says that most of the proceeds will be donated to her homeland.

Elyanna: It’s very hard to be far away from home. And sometimes, you know, as an artist, this is my tool to to express how I feel: I write.

Here in Washington, D.C., fans say Elyanna’s work is now more important than ever.

Danny: We need more Palestinian representation, we need people to see that we are more than just numbers and casualties. We are artistic, we are creative.

Rea Abujrab: I believe that she’s very brave for her to do that, especially now. And I think that she’s an icon of strength for all of us. She is an inspiration.

Danny: To me, she is like a Lana Del Rey, Adele type person. And we need that. We need a modern pop star like that. So it’s really cool to see that.


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