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Commission weapons inspector, Scott Ritter’s impassioned words demand our attention and reflection. He forcefully contends that the issue at hand transcends religious lines, stating unequivocally, “This is not about anti-Semitism.” Instead, he points a finger directly at the Netanyahu regime, labeling it a war criminal regime and denouncing political Zionism.

In a poignant critique, Ritter declares, “Eretz Israel is finished,” calling for the termination of Israel as a political Zionist state. His assertion is grounded in the belief that until this transformation occurs, the cycle of crimes against the Palestinian people will persist. To him, the value of Palestinian lives is callously disregarded, and Gaza remains under the control of Israeli decisions—a stark embodiment of occupation.

Ritter challenges the notion of Palestinian independence being a gift from external forces, asserting that the Palestinian people have been forgotten on the international stage, with only Hamas standing up for their cause. He implicates the Likud Party in perpetuating the slogan “”from the river to the sea,”” emphasizing that if political Zionists deny the existence of Palestine, the only solution is to question the existence of Israel.

In his vision for a just resolution, Ritter proposes that political Zionists must either learn to coexist peacefully with their Palestinian neighbors or face a fate where they are metaphorically “”driven into the sea.””

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English Script:

And say, bring it on. We got this. I don’t think the Palestinian people are leaving Gaza. I think they’re there to stay. I think the Palestinian people would rather have all 2 million of them die under Israeli bombs than be turned into a diaspora. Oh, that is a defeat for Palestine, because once you leave, you will never come back.

You will never come back because the world doesn’t care about you. The only reason why the world is talking about Palestine today is because Hamas attacked on October 7th. And the only reason why the world has turned on Israel is because the Palestinian people have stood there and say, bring it on, we got this. Yeah, they cry. Who doesn’t cry when your children are slaughtered and butchered?

But these aren’t the people who are surrendering. These are people who are becoming stronger and stronger and stronger in the face of the Israeli aggression. The Palestinian people won’t leave Gaza, it is Palestine, by the way, because to do so is the defeat of their cause. They are committing some of the greatest acts of bravery by refusing to yield to Israel.


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