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Gideon Levy, prominent Israeli journalist and long-time supporter of the Palestinian right to freedom, explains that “change will not come from within the Israeli society,” arguing that a shift regarding the Israeli occupation of Palestine will only occur when the Israeli state begins to face consequences.

It all comes back to BDS— the world’s governments have a responsibility to boycott, divest from and sanction Israel. It’s NOT antisemitic to do so. It is a peaceful method of resistance and it’s the same movement that brought about the end of apartheid in South Africa.

If you advocate for TRUTH & JUSTICE watch the report and SHARE to spread the knowledge.

credit: @hiddenpalestine

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English Script:
GIDEON LEVY: The change will not come from within the Israeli society. Israelis will not wake up one morning and say “The occupation is brutal, the apartheid is illegal and let’s put an end to it.” This will not happen. It didn’t happen for 55 years. It will not happen. It will happen only if Israelis will start to pay for the occupation, to be punished for the occupation, and to realize that the price is too high for them to maintain it.

First of all, unfortunately, most of the Israelis are not exposed to those images because Israeli TV and the Israeli media and newspapers are trying to avoid, not everything, obviously, but most of the atrocities are not being shown in Israel. For me, if I want to see what’s going on, I have to move to all kinds of international networks like Al Jazeera, TRT or CNN and then you get the full scale picture.


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