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Candace Owens, an American political commentator, has come out and criticised the media’s bias towards Israeli content. Working for the Daily Wire, a company co-founded by Ben Shapiro, an American lawyer and zionist, tensions arose as early as last year when Owens spoke out against Israel’s attacks on Gaza.

“If you do not step out and say things that are radically pro-Israel… you can lose everything…Every single political commentator in America knows this,” she explains in her final report before she was sacked by Shapiro for trying to tell the truth.

From massive media corporations to social media platforms – all have been exposed for censoring Palestinian content and subtly shaping a narrative that appears pro-Israel. We must speak against this and create alternate narratives that align with TRUTH and JUSTICE!


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English Script:
Candace Owens: Because what it registers to me as is power. Real power hiding behind a veneer of victimhood, the kind of power that can take somebody out and their entire career, if that person says something that they don’t like. And in this case, it’s not that I’m saying things that they don’t like. It’s I’m refusing to allow my voice to be controlled. I want to be clear to you guys. I’m going to be honest with you, because everybody’s noticing it. Every single political commentator in America, every single one of them knows this. And if you do not step out and say things that are radically pro-Israel or if you are too quiet on certain narratives and they want you to be radically pro-Israel, you can lose everything. That’s true. That is a fact. I’m not I’m not feeling like I need to hide from that anymore because…or be afraid to say it rather is a better way to say it because I’ve enjoyed this for years. I’m just at the end of my rope. I have given so much rope here and I am just done with it. Every person that you are a fan of, they know this. Every person that you line up to go hear speak, they know this. Again, it’s not even on the basis of what you say. It can sometimes be on the basis of what you don’t say, that an entire mob will assemble, you’ll write piece after piece after piece until you subjugate. If you don’t subjugate, the bounty grows larger. So, yes, there was a large bounty on my head where the crime of refusing to suddenly hate Muslims and to condone Muslims getting bombed following October 7th, everybody can see that, I have said..


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