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If the Israel-Hamas war has taught us anything it is that we have been fooled and misled through a brilliantly orchestrated propaganda campaign that was fed to us by our politicians, the mainstream media and institutions that we were led to believe were abiding by international law and protecting humanity.

The fact is we lapped it up because it was easier than challenging it, than interrogating the claims they made and the false facts they fed us.

We wanted to get on with our own lives and the Palestinian problem was not our problem until it WAS!

The Palestinian problem was and still is a humanity issue, an issue of justice, human rights, oppression and racism which affect every single human being and if any nation or global power could get away with denying justice and distorting the truth about the Palestinians, then we were all UNSAFE.

We realise that now and for this reason Gabor Maté’s words in this short clip are so compelling and important for all of us to listen to.

Knowledge is power, and the truth is out there for those willing to seek it. His words ‘If you don’t know, it’s not because the information isn’t available,’ are so simple and yet so profound.

From Israeli historians like Ilan Pappe to Jewish professors like Norman Finkelstein, voices from all sides have been shedding light on the realities of conflict for decades, we just didn’t bother to listen or seek them out.

Even Israeli Defense Forces soldiers and pilots bravely speak out against the atrocities they’ve witnessed and regretted. In today’s digital age, ignorance is a choice.

It’s not about what you know, but what you could know if you’re willing to seek the truth.

Credit: @hussainmakke_

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ِِEnglish Script:

Gabor Matte: Anybody can go on YouTube and listen to Ilan Pappe, an Israeli historian, anybody can listen to Norman Finkelstein, a Jewish professor, world expert on Gaza, who was denied tenure at his university because of his public speaking against Israeli policy. You can listen to any number of Israeli Defense Forces soldiers who talk about the brutality that they now regret having committed. You can listen to Israeli pilots who talk about why they refuse to fly over Gaza because of the atrocities they are made to commit. So if anybody these days doesn’t know, it’s not because the information is not available. It’s not what you know, it’s what you could know if you wanted to find out.

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