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UN WARNS of Historic Displacement from South Gaza

UN Warns of Historic Displacement from South Gaza 🚨

Francesca Albanese, spokesperson for the #UN, condemns the ongoing crisis as ethnic cleansing.

“This war risks to be the largest instance of forced displacement in Palestinians’ history”, she said.

With over 1.4 million displaced and nearly 2 million lacking shelter, the situation is dire. This war risks becoming the largest forced displacement in Palestinian history.


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English Script:
Francesca Albanese: It’s ethnic cleansing. It’s ethnic cleansing. But this is not new. I mean, this is what Israel has signified. This is what Israel has done to the Palestinians since the very beginning. I mean, since even before existing as a state, because the first refugees were displaced and never allowed to return as of December 1947. So I’ve said from the very beginning, this war risks to be the the largest instance of forced displacement in Palestinians’ history. And frankly, if you need…if you look at the displacement inside Gaza, has already been because there are 1.4 million people. Yeah, almost 1.4 million people who have been displaced from the north into the south. And there are almost 2 million people who are displaced in the sense they do not have a shelter. They do not have repair anymore. They are either in tents or in UNWRA premises. And this is unacceptable. So I have denounced the risk. I’ve warned against the risk of ethnic cleansing because under the fog of war, this is what Israel does…47-49, 1967 And this is again, another instance, but also ethnic cleansing has been the leitmotif of Palestinians’ life under Israeli occupation. I mean, even without wars, because hundreds of thousands have been displaced over time.


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