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“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is writing himself a one way ticket to the International Criminal Court and should be charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity, following the relentless and escalating attacks by his military on Palestinian civilians across all the occupied territories.

Apart from the daily bombardment of Gaza which is slaughtering around 200 people each and every day and injuring hundreds if not thousands, in the past 24 hours alone, the IDF have shot and killed a man for allegedly yelling the words “”””Allahu Akbar”””” “”””God is Great””””, are bragging and posting about torturing other civilians, and have kidnapped without charge at least 28 people including a woman and a child.

In addition, countless reports are emerging of ongoing violence against Palestinians in the West Bank as well as destruction of homes, property and live stock.

All these actions violate the Geneva Convention and breach the International Court of Justice ‘s rulings delivered on January 26th warning Israel against any further killings, injuries and destruction.

But it seems Israel DOES’NT CARE about the ICJ or any other institution for that matter. It is hell bent on a course of self-destruction, that will not only bring it down, but anyone and everyone who stands in its way.

I am looking forward to the day Netanyahu and his cronies, whether they be Jew or Getile, militay or policital, local and global, ALL FACE TRIAL for their heinous crimes!

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