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Vanessa Redgrave’s decades-long impassioned critique of Zionism reverberates even more powerfully today because we are all open to hearing and understanding.

Since the 1970s she has boldly advocated for the Palestinians winnng an Oscar for her highly controversial film, The Palestinian, and receiving threats and being attacked for it.

The unveiling of her film in Los Angeles in 1977 was marred by an act of violence—the bombing of the theater—followed by pickets from the Jewish Defense League. Undeterred, Redgrave persevered, driven by a steadfast commitment to shedding light on the Palestinian struggle.

Labelling Zionism “”a brutal, racist ideology and regime”” she has never stopped trying to expose the truth that she uncovered so long ago.

In a candid exchange, she implicates influential nations—Germany, France, the United States, and Great Britain—in what she perceives as a concerted effort to establish and sustain Israel.

When questioned about her unwavering support for Palestinians over other global crises, Redgrave resolutely defended her stance, underscoring the unique nature of the Palestinian plight.

For her, their struggle represents an emblematic battle against oppression and dispossession, one that demands global attention and solidarity.

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ِِEnglish Script:

Vanessa Redgrave: Zionism is a brutal, racist ideology and it is a brutal racist regime. And it wasn’t built to protect anybody at all except private profit.

Interviewer: Is the fact of Israel a conspiracy of Germany and France and the United States and Great Britain and…

Vanessa Redgrave: Yes

Interviewer: it is?

Vanessa Redgrave: In a word, yes, it was and is. Yes.

Protesters: “Never again”.

Interviewer: That very night, as we talked the theater where her film the Palestinian was to open in Los Angeles was bombed and further performances were picketed by members of the Jewish Defense League. The two and a half hour documentary with a budget of $200,000 was produced and financed by Vanessa herself.

Why are the Palestinians so interesting to you as a cause, Vanessa? Why not the Cambodians? Why not the Ugandans?

Vanessa Redgrave: Well, it’s not a case of why not anybody else. But the situation with the Palestinians is unique.

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