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Amal Clooney “YOU DISGUST ME”

We have all been waiting for Amal Clooney, whose mother is Palestinian, to step out of the shadows and say something, do something, DEFEND HER OWN PEOPLE, but still she remains silent.

This video really tells it as it is!!


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English Script:
Amal Clooney: Maybe five or more when they start to learn about some of these issues that we’re talking about and what’s happening in the world. And, you know, when they ask us, what did you do about this? What did you say about that? You know?

Tareq Risheq: Well, we’re not going to wait five years, we’re going to ask you right now, where the hell are you Amal Alam El Din. Amal, Amal, your mom is Palestinian. Your father is Lebanese. You’re an Arab. You haven’t said a word about the genocide happening right now. You care more about Ukraine for some reason. You’re really passionate about Ukraine. But why aren’t you passionate about your own people? Why do you speak out? Why don’t you represent them in the International Court of Justice? That’s what you do. You’re a human rights. Your human brothers and sisters are being killed, starved, and genocide is being committed against them every single day. Where are you hanging out with the rich and famous. Now you’re too good for your own people. What a disgrace. Do something about it. Say something about it. Use your husband, Clooney. Let him say something about it. Unbelievable. You disgust me.


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