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Palestinian director Basel Adra accepted the ‘Best Documentary’ award at the Berlin Film Festival for his documentary ‘No Other Land’ at the weekend but during his short acceptance speech he highlighted the suffering in both Gaza and the West Bank where his community ‘Masafer Yatta’ is being demolished by Israeli bulldozers.

Adra directed called on the German political leadership to: ‘Respect the UN calls and stop sending weapons to Israel.’

His comments came after confirmation that a lawsuit had been filed against tthe German government for their support in the GENOCIDE committed by Israel!

Nadija Samour, a Criminal law expert, explained the grounds upon which the legal case was brought against the German government and the importance of holding it accountable for its complicity in the deaths of thousands of Palestinians.

Germany has unconditionally supported this genocide and must be held to account.

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English Script:
Basel Adra: I’m here celebrating the award. But also it’s very hard for me to celebrate when there are tens of thousands of my people being slaughtered and massacred by Israel in Gaza. Masafer Yatta, my community is being also erased by Israeli bulldozers. I ask one thing for Germany, as I am in Berlin here to respect the UN calls and stop sending weapons to Israel.

Nadija Samour: We know for a fact that German arms are being used right now in Gaza against Palestinians. And we filed the complaint here in Germany and we filed it in the names of German Palestinians who live here who are German citizens and who have family in Gaza, who are directly affected by those German weapons. Germany has ratified a U.N. genocide convention and therefore it’s bound to the to the rule that genocide has to be prevented and punished. And so this is the responsibility of the German state. And since the German state is not taking its responsibility seriously, we are here to remind them that there are no double standards. Palestinian victims deserve justice as other victims worldwide as well. And we are going to hold them accountable.

Nora Ragab: We can’t be just bystanders watching the genocide unfolding on our families and our people in Gaza. So we, I don’t know, will try as many tools as possible which are on our disposal to really put pressure on the government or other actors to put an end on the genocide. And for us, we can go to the streets, we can protest. But we think also that it’s important to take legal action, to hold also German government responsible for the actions. We saw also with other cases in other countries that the courts can actually order the government to either don’t send weapons or to to order them to act according to law. So I think it’s an important tool that we can use to seek justice. I hope through this investigation, which hopefully will come, and that we can also show awareness, raise awareness among the people in Germany. Also what is happening in Gaza, that there’s also more public pressure towards the government to stop their complicity.


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