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Bernie Sanders speaks out! 🚨

According to United States Senator Bernie Sanders, Israel’s actions are a clear violation of American law. Section 6201 of the Foreign Assistance Act explicitly states that any interference with U.S. humanitarian aid will result in a cut-off of funding. With hundreds of thousands of children facing starvation due to blocked aid, Sanders calls for an end to funding Netanyahu’s policies.

For a country that talks up law and order, what we have witnessed from U.S. lawmakers through their reaction to the Gaza genocide, is how little regard they actually have for their own laws.

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English Script:
Bernie Sanders: Israel is breaking the law. This is not debatable. Section 6201 of the Foreign Assistance Act, makes it clear that any country that interferes with the provision of U.S. humanitarian aid, will not get funding from the United States of America. And that’s clearly what Israel is doing. What is going on, as you’ve just indicated, and I hope everybody understands it is unprecedented. It is unspeakable. And it’s not just tens of thousands of people have been killed and wounded. At this moment, Chris, as we speak, hundreds of thousands of children are facing starvation. And the reason for that is a Netanyahu’s right-wing government is blocking the borders and preventing the massive amount of aid that needs to get through from getting through. And people are dying as a result. That is in violation of American law. We should stop funding that Netanyahu’s war machine.

Chris Hayes: I should say here that the Israeli government and particularly the unity government that is running the war since the attack by Hamas on October seven, they say they’re not blocking aid. They say that they’re blocking dual use goods.
That they’re letting aid through, that it’s the fault of the aid groups or the U.S. or others. You do not seem swayed by that contention.

Bernie Sanders: No, not at all. Everybody knows what’s going on. We saw several senators, Senator Van Hollen, Senator Merkley were there at the border. What they are doing is doing these checks which take hours and hours and hours and slowing up the ability of trucks to get through. Everybody knows that that’s the case, and that’s got to change. We cannot as a nation be complicit in the starvation of human beings and of children.


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