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MIT Professor Noam Chomsky, a staunch critic of US foreign policy, and Israel’s role in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, discredits Israel’s three notions for their decades-long war of terror on Palestinians and says those who stand in support of Israel are “living in a bubble”.

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English Script:
Noam Chomsky:

Here, you can decide that you are willing to live in a bubble as distinct from the entire world. You’re free to do that. There are three notions that came up. The biblical rights which have absolutely no status. None. Nobody in the world can say 2000 years ago, here’s my story of what happened. So therefore, I have a right to do it now.

You can’t live in a world like that. Nobody in the world ever makes such a claim, you want to make it okay, but then just admit I’m out of the world. Distinct from the world, yes totally distinct. If you really want to play that game, the Palestinians have more of a right to claim to be descendants of the population from 2000 years ago than I do.

My ancestors probably come from the Caucasus, their ancestors come from Palestine, the Canaanites were correct about this. So you don’t want to get into that game. Biblical rights have no status. Now let’s turn to legality and occupation. There is a 100% agreement among all and relevant international institutions, not just the United Nations Security Council, including the United States, and unanimous declarations, but the International Court of Justice, the World Court, or the Red Cross, which administers the Geneva Conventions.

Israel’s own top legal authorities, all agree that the Jewish settlements in the West Bank are in violation of international law, 100% agreement. Israel doesn’t agree, fine Israeli Jews want to live in some little bubble of their own. They’re entitled to do so. But you can’t overlook the fact that the entire…that every relevant international institution disagrees on the question of legality.

Same with occupation. Every relevant international institution recognizes that Israel is occupying not only the West Bank, but that it’s also the occupying authority in Gaza. So as far as terms go, the correct terms are Greater Israel, Israel’s illegal expansion into the West Bank, its hundreds of thousands of settlers there. That’s all part of a Greater Israel, that Israel intends to integrate within Israel proper and is developing the infrastructure and the programs to do so.


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