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This is a fascinating and yet ironic report by Journalist Lee Fang from The Intercept about the obsession that America’s Evangelical Christian far-right, many of whom at Christian Zionists, and belong to the Republican party, about their views on the Zionist policies of Israel’s leaders and why they continue to support them even in the face of the blatant and completely UN-CHRISTIAN actions they are perpetrating against the Palestinian people.

Fang questions several politicians about how evangelical Christian beliefs shape the US relationship with Israel.

Their response is mind blowing including this from Lauen Boebert, a Republican Congresswoman from Colorado: There have been two nations created to glorify God
: Israel and the United States of America. I will do all I can to stand and defend them.

The irony however, is that these Christian Zionists support Israel because according to the Torah (the Jewish holybook) the Second Coming of Jesus Christ can only happen when all the Jews return to Israel at which time Armageddon will happen and all the Jews will be KILLED or CONVERTED to CHRISTIANITY.

Christians who follow the Bible and Muslims who follow the Koran, DO NOT BELIEVE this.

Every time God sent a new prophet or his son Jesus to the earth, he did so to advance the word of God and teach us new more relevant beliefs and behaviours. By ignoring the most recent preachings and messages that God has tried to deliver to all of humanity through Jesus, Mohammed (praise be upon him), cults such as Zionism and the Evangelicals are being selective about God’s word.

It is like going to school and being taught up to grade 7 and thinking that is all you need to know and learn and ignoring the rest of the curricula that helps you advance and broaden your understanding of those subjects. These radicals have failed to advance their appreciatiom of Gods word because it suits their vested interests not to.

This is worth watching and sharing.

To watch the whole documentary, go to @AJWitness —Tap the link in bio select @prayingforarmageddon by @tonjeschei/p>
English Script:
Lee Fang: We’re talking to members of Congress about Israel and the US’s relationship.
Pete Sessions: All right. Y’all go.
Lee Fang: There’s some biblical prophecies that say that control of Jerusalem by the Jews is important for the second coming of Christ.
Pete Sessions: This entire matter is based upon faith of our maker, of our creator. But it’s also faith of a chosen people.
Lauren Boebert: And I find that Democrats been using our law.

Lee Fang: There’s new government in Israel. Can you talk a little bit about the importance of the US relationship with Israel?
Lauren Boebert: There have been two nations created to glorify God. Israel and the United States of America. I will bless both, I will honor both. I will do all I can to stand and defend them.
Lee Fang: Thank you, Congresswoman. Take care.
I’m a reporter from The Intercept. I’m going to ask you about the hearing if you have a quick second.
Tim Burchett: Sure,man.
Lee Fang: Do you think there’s a role of religious extremism here in the US funding and shaping the conflict?
I mean, there are a lot of folks who are part of the evangelical movement that…
Tim Burchett: That support Israel.
Lee Fang: That support Israel, and we don’t really kind of see that that same kind of constituent group pushing the other way.
Tim Burchett: Yeah, I wouldn’t label the Baptist or the evangelical community as extreme because I believe they’re following the scripture and what the scripture says about Israel.
“Those who bless Israel will be blessed.” I mean, they take it literal, and I’m one of those people.
Lee Fang: You know, there are some Christian Zionists that do believe in some of these biblical prophecies and they’re very controversial within, even within the Christian Zionist evangelical community.
Tim Burchett: And what the interpretation. (Words are not in the subtitles)
Lee Fang: Yeah. And believing in Armageddon that there will be a ‘final battle’ around Jerusalem and that after that battle, you know, there is a Judgment Day. Jews will be killed or converted. Jesus will come back. There’s going to be a rapture event. What do you think about those kind of prophecies?
Tim Burchett: I believe Jesus will come back and I’m going to be on his side.


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