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Dr Tanya Haj-Hassan, Paedriatic intensive care doctor from Gaza, is incredulous after the Skynews host tries to justify Israel’s complete destruction of Al-Shifa Hospital regurgitating the same propaganda fed to all western media by the Israeli military, that “the Israeli military killed and detained hundreds of Hamas operatives within the complex”.

Dr @Tanyaalih replied ”I am still shocked that we are still having this conversation.” She added that Israel executed doctors in Al-Shifa hospital and that the targeting of healthcare workers is so systematic that when they leave the hospitals, they put on civilian clothes because they are more likely to be assassinated by Israel if they wear scrubs.


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English Script:
Kamali Melbourne: Doctor, I know that the picture you paint is one of devastation. You know that the Israeli military say that they have killed and detained hundreds of Hamas militants within the al-Shifa complex. Do you know if Hamas were there and were fighting with the Israelis?

Tanya Haj-Hassan: I am just shocked that we’re still having this conversation. They executed tens of people point blank, including one of our colleagues, Dr. Ahmed El Mokhallalati, who’s a very experienced plastic surgeon. Him and his mother, who’s also a physician. They executed people pointblank and including many of our colleagues who’ve been detained now, we haven’t heard back from them, previous students of mine detained, young doctors detained. We don’t know if they’re dead or alive. They have been gone for over 100 days. So, to say that this is a strategic targeting of Hamas is an insult to our intellect and our humanity. This is a destruction of people who heal. This is a direct targeting of health care workers. I just want to paint a very brief picture of what health care workers are telling me there. They’re saying that when they leave the hospital, civilians give them civilian clothing because wearing scrubs is sticking a target sticker on their back. That is how systematically health care has been targeted. And frankly, in the last 24 hours, what we’ve seen from al-Shifa hospital, what we’ve seen from Al-Aqsa Hospital. And what I worry is coming to the remaining hospitals of the Gaza Strip, because it has been the pattern and we will not ignore it, is a direct and systematic targeting of health care that is unjustifiable.


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