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Founder, CEO and Benevolent Leader

Daizy Gedeon

Entrepreneurship & Management 90%
International Political Strategy 90%
Negotiations 80%
Daizy Gedeon is the visionary and the creator behind our mission and our purpose. She says that her ideas, beliefs, values and work are inspired by God and to serve God. Throughout her life she has felt guided to STAND UP, SPEAK UP and DEFEND TRUTH and JUSTICE. A famous quote by Martin Luther King Jnr that she often recites is: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” She has and is still learning how to defend her own rights and is committed to defending the rights of others.


Whether through creating, teaching, training, doing or in just being she considers herself a messenger of knowledge and use her work to educate, enlighten, awaken and empower people to believe in themselves, first and foremost, by listening to their own intuition; to pursue their passion so as to fulfil their purpose and their dreams, to do better, to achieve their potential, to desire the best for themselves and for others. Through her courageous, bold and selfless deeds she has been a humble archetype for both women and men and a loving mother and mother figure and teacher to children and the youth.