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The Team

Our professionals

Our Tribe

We are a tribe of Challengers, Creatives, and Curiosity seekers who are passionate about making what we do more meaningful. One mission unites us: A better Lebanon. Our motto is: Alone we are Vulnerable. Together we are IMPENETRABLE! Scroll down to learn more about our team members!

Daizy Gedeon

Founder, CEO and Benevolent Leader

Roudy Al Bcherrawi

Creative Graphic Designer

Roy Bou Chaaya

Video Editor & Videographer

Vanessa Ibrahim

Video Editor

Celina El Khoury

Personal Assistant to the CEO

Rayane Fakih

Translator / Transcriber

Rami Safi

Full Stack Engineer
Those Who Have Joined Our Journey

Interns & Volunteers

Team Daizy Gedeon

Julie Gedeon
(United Kingdom)

Video Editing Assistant
Team Daizy Gedeon

Hanna Mason
(United Kingdom)

Video Editing Assistant

Join the Movement

Change . Truth . Justice

Team Daizy Gedeon